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Monday, November 08, 2004

Gimme a W!

That's right... 4 more years! And I couldn't be happier. I was really worried about this one at first, I prayed that God would have His hand in this and lead our country in the right direction. I know my prayer was answered. So on with life. Things are going great, we still love our new house. We had some heavy rain a few days ago that seemed to seep through the concrete blocks in the basement a bit. C was checking on the warranty stuff for the waterproofing, hopefully it isn't a big deal. Maybe it won't rain for a while. Work is still busy as ever... I get so stinking scared that I'm not doing this right, or following through completely with that... I will be glad when I get this test out of the way. I am about to start studying. The real grind won't hit until late spring/summer, but I really hope I pass this thing the first time. This weekend we're headed to the gump for Homecoming. We're taking our good friend, cousin, and future student down there to show her a good time. About to head out... so said it's dark at 5:00 now. Have a great day~